Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FINALLY! A new song in the top 3

EVACUATE THE DANCEFLOOR  by  Cascada is now at number 3. Finally I have something new to write about. This song has been floating around the charts for a while, so it's good that it's finally made it up there. I'm sure there are songs that never reach the top 3 that chart longer so end up selling more. I wish ARIA would release the actual sales figures.This song has already been a UK number one (says wikipedia).

Anyway, it looks like night club music is definitely back in fashion - 'Sexy Bitch' is still number one, and 'boom boom pow' is still there at number 20. This is strongly reminiscent of Lady Gaga, featuring big synths, very solid drum grooves and punchy lyrics. I can't help being reminded of 2-unlimited circa 1992. Then again, these guys are German, although the singer is an English girl raisedin Germany. In the video, she looks gorgeous, but move the dancing is left to the professionals.

The form is ABCABCDC, where A is the verse, B is the prechorus, C chorus and D bridge. The prechorus is the stand out in my view, reminiscent of the bridge from 'just dance'. It consists of a descending line repeated 3 times and it contrasts nicely with the verse melody which is more up and down. It also links to the chorus which is another repeated descending line, but slower. 

The lyrics are nothing amazing, but they do the job of carrying the melody. Your typical dance song all about how the singer wants and needs the music (verse), and how great it is when she's finally dancing (chorus),  with the bridge serving as the voice of the DJ to the crowd. At least it's not a song about how good some girl looks while she's dancing and all that goes with that persepective (listen to 'sexy bitch' if that's your cup tea). This is a good solid dance track, and you'll certainly enjoy moving to it, but my favourite 'just gotta dance' song remains Natasha Bedingfields 'I'm a bomb' (2005) followed closely by Dee-lite's 'Groove is in the heart' (1990). I have a sneaking suspicion that this type of song will keep getting rewritten for some time yet. 

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