Friday, June 12, 2009

The music business

Think about how much the music business is really about what other people listen to, about what other people think is cool. It's called the herd instinct. Music seems to be, for the most part, something that humans use to *ahem* lubricate the mating game. Once the mating has happened, the mortgage, the kids, the job and the car seem to take over, and no one has time for music anymore....well a few do, but they're just loons. Fruit loops. Like me!

My mission is to celebrate the ordinary everyday emotions that people experience. What's wrong with that? I'd like to know! After all, why can't I celebrate being bored at work? Why can't I celebrate the sun at lunchtime? Why can't I celebrate the fact that as I travel on the train everyday I'm overtaking those suckers on the freeway? More importantly, why can't it be just as much fun to listen to those emotions as to hearing about someone else's love affair, which is what most songs seem to be about. I'm not going to live a soap opera just to find material for songs.

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