Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why community music matters

Community music is incredily important, but it seems that here in Australia fewer and fewer people participate. You only have to go to an ANZAC day dawn service, or carols by candlelight, to hear how afraid people are to sing out loud and sing out strong. That's because people don't really sing anymore. Growing up in a Christian family, attending a christian school, you really take singing for granted. Outside of the church it's a different story...few sing, and when they do, they are terrible. When was the last time you heard someone singing happy birthday in tune? Does anyone even know the tune anymore? They've still just about got the rhythm, but the pitch is gone. How long before the rhythm is gone too? Sharing the singing of a song which has words everyone can believe in is a wonderful, joyous experience. That's the church's big 'secret' weapon. I see sports clubs still using it too. I think solidiers still sing songs while they're doing their training together too, at least, they do in the movies. But the general public is falling mute. It's very sad. That's why I'm starting a community group for songwriters. There's alot of people writing songs who never get heard, and if you compare them to the radio, then perhaps that seems correct. However, after years of listening to songs, I'm not so fussed about what's in the charts, though I still like to know what's current. What's really moving isn't someone trying to get me to buy their record. It's someone sharing the contents of their mind with me and striving to communicate more effectively. That person is someone I can be friends with. Maybe it's the same with blogs?

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