Saturday, August 22, 2009

Number 3: THE LAST DAY ON EARTH Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate has a nice voice, she reminds me a bit of Angie Hart from Frente. She almost disappears into kooky girl land, but stays on the right side of 'wierdo'. The form of the song is familiar verse-chorus stuff. The song seems to be a word painting of a scene from a tragic alien invasion movie. The two lovers hold each other tight while the alien death rays blow up the world around them. If it were Star Trek, of course they'd be beamed up in the nick of time. Then we find out in the bridge section that it was all a dream and really it's a girl in the suburbs missing some guy. However, the line "I ache, I ache, I ache inside" really works for me. Its direct simplicity cuts through all the metaphorical haze of the verses and choruses, and is genuinely touching. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the rest of the song is setting you up to feel that one line. The music is nice, but unremarkable.

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